Thursday, 27 March 2014

Breakdowns and show news!

Who would have thought that getting things started here at Oliver Hall would take so long or be hampered with such an array of delays?

No sooner had we dealt with the weather issues and the staff managed to set the workshop up to Mr. Crook's satisfaction, two mechanical breakdowns set things back. Mr Crook is father's engineer and a splendid fellow, although mother thinks him rather too fond of his ale and curses. First, the casting machine needed a new part. Such technical things are beyond my understanding but Mr. Crook and his workshop gentlemen soon had a replacement part in place and the machine '...whirling like a Dervish and purring like a kitten...', which one presumes can only be a good thing.

The production test runs then began in earnest with positive and encouraging results...until the smelting machine '...fell off its perch...', which I understand to mean that it developed a fault and also required a new part; Mr Crook is a gentleman of some colour in regard to his metaphors. In this case the smelter had to be sent away and has been gone for longer than any would have liked. We are assured that the company are returning it next week and work can continue as it had begun.

Despite these interruptions the first new unit packs have been made up and a stock is being built. We shall very soon have the website ready to sell items; the PayPal system is being constructed as we speak. This is a fiddly task in itself but nearing so many things! What do you think of our new logo for example?

With the website and its sales system almost in place I am also happy to report that the Polly Oliver range will also be available at wargame shows more readily. As you are aware, father's good friend, Colonel Bill, is acting as our show agent taking the figures all around the British and European wargame shows on our behalf. He will be at Salute in April so please take the opportunity to visit him and take a look at the figures.

On the subject of wargame shows, I am pleased to announce that we will be running our own trade stand at the Broadside wargame show on Sunday 8th June. This show is held at the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent. Sadly, I cannot be there but my dear sister in law and her good friend will be on hand to assist. Please come and say hello and see what we at Polly Oliver Castings can offer. Take a look at the show website for details BROADSIDE 2014.

Regards Polly


  1. The delay, in my case, simply means I have longer to recover from paying the tax man's extra share coming due in April. I like the new logo and am looking forward to your meaning in full production so that I can order some figures - and maybe a flag or two (dozen!). Keep up the forward progress.