Monday, 3 February 2014

An Introduction....

Oh, where to start?

Perhaps from the beginning? Hello, I'm Polly.

Some of you will remember my previous incarnation way back in the 1990's. The figure range of American War of Independence figures, and a range of ACW too, were highly regarded but disappeared when that original company closed in December, 1999. The ACW range were handed back to co-owners but the AWI range, sculpted by Michael Percy, lay dormant in their Shropshire workshop for some thirteen years until the remnants of the company were bought out late in 2013. I am eager for this great AWI range to be reinvigorated and brought back to the attention of the wargaming public.

One of the original display case figures

The new company, still called Polly Oliver Castings, is now based in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor. The workshop here at Oliver Hall is having to be tweaked to provide the optimum space and this is causing some frustrating delays in getting serious production started. However, things are moving in the right direction and the long awaited return of the Polly Oliver figures is just around the corner! The figures will be sold in unit packs with options for expansion packs and even army packs. I will also have an extensive range of high quality flags and will constantly be on the lookout for new products to support our range.

Having said all this, the range has had its first outing last weekend (1st & 2nd of February) at the PAW 2014 wargame show in Plymouth; albeit in a limited form. The range will be taken around the wargame show circuit by my dear friends at Colonel, although they will not be retailing on line. In fact, here they are enjoying the Plymouth hospitality....

Scot (left) and Stuart (right) of Colonel Bills looking pleased with the arrival of the first few Polly Oliver figures.

The first few figures released at PAW 2014, just a few mind and those in temporary packs until the new artwork arrives.

This show may have been a little early given the current state of affairs at Oliver Hall, there is a lot of catching up to do to meet the encouraging early levels of expectation I have received. But fear not, dear reader, I am working hard to bring you characterful wargame figures as soon as possible. In the meantime keep following my blog for regular updates and news.

One of my goals is to add to the range over time and my first thoughts are towards figures for the southern campaigns, slouch hats and cut down coats, but, what do you think? I would love to hear from you with your thoughts and ideas, what would you like to see Polly Oliver Castings produce? Please get in touch and let me know what you think;   Actually, whilst you are sending me ideas for new ranges, why not send me pictures of your painted Polly Oliver figures? I will be running a special section of the new website just for everyone to show off their Polly Oliver figures, units and games. I will also highlight some of them here on my blog from time to time so get snapping with those cameras!

Regards, Polly.


  1. Welcome back to the land of the living Polly. Unfortunately I don't own any of your figures, as I'm far too young to have bought them the first time round!

    1. Dear Ray,
      You are too kind and, I sense, a gentleman of good humour; Papa would have most certainly approved. It would seem that the return of my figures has been most timely, you will very soon be able to purchase them by the pound and make good the lost time; I shall ensure my workshop staff put aside plenty of stock with your name on it :) Regards, Polly

  2. I painted the original Polly Oliver figures when Sheila was running the show way back when. I also painted the Battle Honours range until that scoundrel bogged off with all our money :)
    Good to see the figures are back.