Thursday, 4 September 2014

The flags have arrived!!!!

As the title of this post rather loudly proclaims, our range of quality flags for the American War of Independence have arrived and the first batch have been made available via the Polly Oliver website. There are so many flags that it will take me a while to work my way through them and get them available but progress is being made.

At the moment, I have dealt with the British Guards and the lower numbered regiments of British Line regiments. The next batch will be available by the end of the week and then I will start on the Americans, which are a little more complicated to say the least! There are also some wonderful flags for French and German units too so, before long, there will be a pretty comprehensive list.

That said, there may be something you want that we have missed. In that case please get in touch and we will do our very best to sort something out for you. The American flags in particular are very tricky to pin down. We have some that we produce that are derived from paintings and illustrations, even contemporary descriptions, that there are no named units for...even units that there are no surviving flag records it can be very confusing and frustrating. For the smaller militia units, where there is no accord, I suggest being creative and using something you like the look of; colour and variety is the order of the day!

The flags are 17mm x 17mm, based upon a British flag being six foot by six foot, and so where a particular flag was longer or taller this has been taken into account and they are all sized correctly to match their historical counterparts. They are produce using a high quality paper to give you strength and durability, as well as a beautiful flag. The flags are just £1.00 a pair although the American flags will be sold individually to allow you that variety.

Well, that is all for now, take a look at the site and see for your self what we have available...there is so much more to come and I know you will be as thrilled with them as Oliver Towers are.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Get ready for Saturday 12th!

After some interminable and frustrating delays I am pleased to announce that Polly Oliver 15mm AWI figures will be available for sale from our website from Saturday 12th April!!!!!

There have been weather issues, mechanical breakdowns one after the other....but all that can now be forgotten and consigned to history...for we are about to launch the website and make the wonderful Polly Oliver AWI figure range available for the first time in almost fifteen years. Our launch is set to coincide with the Salute 2014 wargame show in London where my good friend, Colonel Bill, will have many of our unit packs available. This will be a good piece of advertising for us and we expect a fair few orders via the website.

Remember, you can only directly buy our figures from us and the website. Colonel Bill only sells figures at the wargame shows.

With regard to ordering and postage, UK customers will have postage costs added as they shop via the Paypal system. However, due to the many issues experienced by non UK customers and highly variable postage costs, I ask that those ordering from beyond the UK email us their requirements. I will then complete the order and calculate the exact postage with the Royal Mail before emailing the customer with the final amount due. This will ensure that the customer pays no more than they need to receive their order.

As always, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Customer service is incredibly important to us here at Oliver Hall and we will do what we can to ensure you are happy.

Regards, Polly.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Breakdowns and show news!

Who would have thought that getting things started here at Oliver Hall would take so long or be hampered with such an array of delays?

No sooner had we dealt with the weather issues and the staff managed to set the workshop up to Mr. Crook's satisfaction, two mechanical breakdowns set things back. Mr Crook is father's engineer and a splendid fellow, although mother thinks him rather too fond of his ale and curses. First, the casting machine needed a new part. Such technical things are beyond my understanding but Mr. Crook and his workshop gentlemen soon had a replacement part in place and the machine '...whirling like a Dervish and purring like a kitten...', which one presumes can only be a good thing.

The production test runs then began in earnest with positive and encouraging results...until the smelting machine '...fell off its perch...', which I understand to mean that it developed a fault and also required a new part; Mr Crook is a gentleman of some colour in regard to his metaphors. In this case the smelter had to be sent away and has been gone for longer than any would have liked. We are assured that the company are returning it next week and work can continue as it had begun.

Despite these interruptions the first new unit packs have been made up and a stock is being built. We shall very soon have the website ready to sell items; the PayPal system is being constructed as we speak. This is a fiddly task in itself but nearing so many things! What do you think of our new logo for example?

With the website and its sales system almost in place I am also happy to report that the Polly Oliver range will also be available at wargame shows more readily. As you are aware, father's good friend, Colonel Bill, is acting as our show agent taking the figures all around the British and European wargame shows on our behalf. He will be at Salute in April so please take the opportunity to visit him and take a look at the figures.

On the subject of wargame shows, I am pleased to announce that we will be running our own trade stand at the Broadside wargame show on Sunday 8th June. This show is held at the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne, Kent. Sadly, I cannot be there but my dear sister in law and her good friend will be on hand to assist. Please come and say hello and see what we at Polly Oliver Castings can offer. Take a look at the show website for details BROADSIDE 2014.

Regards Polly

Friday, 21 February 2014

Polly Oliver Flags

In a previous post I mentioned that I will be selling top quality 15mm flags to fit the Polly Oliver figures, I thought you might like to see a few samples.

These are just a few of the British and believe me when I say that there are an awful lot of them to choose from, every regiment is covered. There are, of course, American, French and German flags too and I will post some of those here when they have been fully prepared you will not be disappointed I assure you.

These fantastically designed flags are supplied on top quality paper and will retail at just 50p each; flags of true character for figures of true character! Polly Oliver flags are not self adhesive, I do not like those types myself and find that they can be difficult at best to fit accurately; and if you have a mishap the flag is often lost. Polly Oliver flags will require glue, which at least gives you both time and opportunity to ensure the are correctly aligned.

I am very proud to be able to offer these flags, I do hope you will like them and I invite your comment.
Regards, Polly

Friday, 14 February 2014

A look at the range

The weather here in Devon is causing us no end of trouble, hampering efforts and building frustration. Progress is being made, however, and my team are eager for the fray!

In the meantime I would like to thank everybody for their kind emails, support and continued interest in the Polly Oliver range. I was especially pleased at the photographs you have sent to me of your Polly Oliver units and armies, please keep them coming! These will be posted on the website gallery once things are running but I thought you may like to see one now; my thanks go to Andrew McMaster for this wonderful picture. There are more, but I shall keep them close for now.

Polly Oliver Highlanders, painted by and from the collection of Andrew McMaster.

Of course the picture shows only the Highlanders and I know that many of you are keen to see the other figures in the flesh, so to speak. Perhaps the best way is to show you some of the figures as they appeared to purchasers 'back in the day', as they were displayed at shows in the original wooden cabinet that we still have. In those days the figures could be bought individually, hence the code numbers visible at the figure bases.

The British Infantry marching, shoulder arms, advancing and charging.

The British Grenadiers, AR19 onwards, marching, shoulder arms, advancing and charging.
A few of the American troops. these come with either 1779 pattern uniforms or hunting jackets. Each type has a choice of headgear, tricorn, slouch hat or light infantry cap.

American troops in 1779 regulation uniform AR123/126 and two of the riflemen in caps.

Some of the Hessian troops, the commands for the musketeer, fusiliers and grenadiers.

The 6lb gun and the five crew figures in tricorn hats

The 3lb galloper gun with the five crew figures in slouch hats

I hope that these have been of some help and whetted a few appetites. As you can see, the figures are packed with character and will grace any wargames table.

Following some incredibly helpful emails from you all I can confirm that I do intend to add to the current range of figures with a set suitable for the southern campaigns. My own thoughts are also towards a heavier gun and an increased militia set. No idea of time scale as yet of course but rest assured such expansions are foremost in my mind. Please keep sending in your ideas and thoughts on range expansion and, of course, you wonderful pictures of painted Polly Oliver figures!

Regards, Polly

Monday, 10 February 2014

Fun With Polly & Oliver #1

I would like to introduce you to a light hearted cartoon strip I will be posting here from time to time, Fun With Polly & Oliver. Don't Worry, this is not just a ploy to add a free post; note too that I have also added a page to the blog listing the unit packs that will shortly be for sale. Other pages will be added as we progress.

My next post will be later this week with an update to the range extension question raised in the last post and news of the flags I promised. Later posts will look at various AWI battles and how they may be fought using various rule sets.

Monday, 3 February 2014

An Introduction....

Oh, where to start?

Perhaps from the beginning? Hello, I'm Polly.

Some of you will remember my previous incarnation way back in the 1990's. The figure range of American War of Independence figures, and a range of ACW too, were highly regarded but disappeared when that original company closed in December, 1999. The ACW range were handed back to co-owners but the AWI range, sculpted by Michael Percy, lay dormant in their Shropshire workshop for some thirteen years until the remnants of the company were bought out late in 2013. I am eager for this great AWI range to be reinvigorated and brought back to the attention of the wargaming public.

One of the original display case figures

The new company, still called Polly Oliver Castings, is now based in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor. The workshop here at Oliver Hall is having to be tweaked to provide the optimum space and this is causing some frustrating delays in getting serious production started. However, things are moving in the right direction and the long awaited return of the Polly Oliver figures is just around the corner! The figures will be sold in unit packs with options for expansion packs and even army packs. I will also have an extensive range of high quality flags and will constantly be on the lookout for new products to support our range.

Having said all this, the range has had its first outing last weekend (1st & 2nd of February) at the PAW 2014 wargame show in Plymouth; albeit in a limited form. The range will be taken around the wargame show circuit by my dear friends at Colonel, although they will not be retailing on line. In fact, here they are enjoying the Plymouth hospitality....

Scot (left) and Stuart (right) of Colonel Bills looking pleased with the arrival of the first few Polly Oliver figures.

The first few figures released at PAW 2014, just a few mind and those in temporary packs until the new artwork arrives.

This show may have been a little early given the current state of affairs at Oliver Hall, there is a lot of catching up to do to meet the encouraging early levels of expectation I have received. But fear not, dear reader, I am working hard to bring you characterful wargame figures as soon as possible. In the meantime keep following my blog for regular updates and news.

One of my goals is to add to the range over time and my first thoughts are towards figures for the southern campaigns, slouch hats and cut down coats, but, what do you think? I would love to hear from you with your thoughts and ideas, what would you like to see Polly Oliver Castings produce? Please get in touch and let me know what you think;   Actually, whilst you are sending me ideas for new ranges, why not send me pictures of your painted Polly Oliver figures? I will be running a special section of the new website just for everyone to show off their Polly Oliver figures, units and games. I will also highlight some of them here on my blog from time to time so get snapping with those cameras!

Regards, Polly.